The Athelings Association - Constitution & Rules  
1. The organisation shall be called "The Athelings Association". Its business address shall be Derby Lodge, Bisley Camp, Brookwood, Surrey. Communications should be addressed for the attention of the Chairman. 
2. The objects of the Association shall be to arrange social and sporting events for the benefit of current and former members of the Great Britain Cadet Shooting Team to Canada (the Athelings) and such others as the committee shall invite to attend such activities or to join the Association. 
3. The management of the Association shall be deputed to a committee consisting of the Officers (a President, Chairman, and Treasurer) and such other Members as shall be appointed from time to time by the Officers. The appointment of the Officers and Members of the committee will be ratified by majority voting at the Annual General Meeting, which will be held each year in July. 
4. All finances shall be managed through the accounts of the Council for Cadet Rifle Shooting (CCRS), a sub-account being kept for the purpose of distinguishing those funds held on behalf of the Association. All cheques should be made payable to "CCRS". 
5. Disbursements from the Association's funds shall be at the discretion of the Officers and Committee. The accounts of the Association shall be available for inspection by members on demand. 
6. Admission to Life Membership of the Association shall be by application and payment of a Life Membership fee, with acceptance confirmed by the committee. The committee shall have the right to decline applications, or to withdraw membership at their discretion. 
7. The committee will have the right to propose a resolution to raise further funding from existing members, and to adjust the Life Membership fee at any time. 
8. Any alteration to these Rules must be proposed at a General Meeting, with at least 4 weeks prior notice of the proposal being given to members. A simple majority of those voting will be required to pass any resolution or change. 
9. In the event of a General Meeting passing a resolution to wind-up the Association a further resolution will be proposed by the committee to decide the allocation or dispersal of the remaining funds of the Association (if any). 
(Approved by the Inaugural AGM held at Bisley on 18/7/98) 
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